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In love with money but clueless

Given the high level of interaction we all have payments every day; how is it that we don’t know more about payment technologies? I want to change that. I am going to shed a little light on payments for everyone. So in this article, the first in a series,

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LayerOne, Los Angeles

LayerOne Promo Video

I made this promotional video for a talk I did at LayerOne in Los Angeles. In this talk we discuss payment technologies and the security issues associated with them. No ATM's were harmed in the making of this video, only my co-speakers face! Watch until the end

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Money Makes Money

Money Makes Money, How To Buy An ATM

I made this promotional video for a talk I'll doing at a couple of conferences this year. The talk is called 'Money Makes Money: how to buy an ATM and what to do with it'. I'll be taking you through my own

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It's not Yourspace, it's Myspace

In April this year whilst roaming the plains of the wild world web, I stumbled across an old Myspace account of mine. Attempting to gain access and delete the account I discovered a business process so flawed it deserves its own place in history. I wrote to Myspace describing my

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